Cancellation Policy

Dear customer,
before you proceed to your reservation check the bellow mentioned reservation policy:

- If you cancel for any reason your reservation there is no return of money
- Changes in dates and time will not be accepted.


  • Clau E
    It was our first time here today. We loved it! The outside pools and the small waterfalls are amazing. The water is clean and clear. The forest air is health for our bodies. Don't hesitate to visit Pozar!
    Clau E
  • Ali M
    Visited the place twice and going for third time this year, it is natural spa where you can feel the hot and cold water and have refreshment . There is also few shops selling herbal and honey and the massage place is excellent.
    Ali M
  • gnyawali
    We visited on the Christmas Eve, had advance registration for the indoor pools, and enjoyed immensely. Water was amazing with many healing properties. Enjoyed outdoor hot springs too, and it costs only 2 Euro per person. The entire place was packed. Enjoyed local foods and spices.