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Outdoor Pools and Waterfalls

The natural waterfalls along the river, with thermal water, give the place a special beauty, where the visitor can bathe both for health reasons and for recreational reasons. Also, idyllic cafes offer their services in the heart of green nature. One of them
it is located next to the large outdoor swimming pool which operates throughout the year with thermal water and is suitable for healing, exercise and entertainment for all ages. Landscaped paths, after the pool, allow exploration of the canyon and lead to the large waterfall, 22 high
meters, at an altitude of 400 meters. No reservations are required for the waterfalls and pool.

Waterfall 1

Indulge in a unique experience of relaxation and well-being.

Waterfall 2

Experience the tranquil beauty of our stunning waterfall where you can listen to the soothing sound of rushing water as you relax.

Outdoor Swimming Pool

Relax and soak up the sun by our beautiful outdoor pool, surrounded by lush greenery.